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Custom Droplet Resources

An option for a customized droplet. Your pre-definded droplets are fantastic (we can spin them up instantly, on the same hand you can scale efficiently)


The ability to define custom resources for a droplet would be fantastic...if the price has to be higher that is fine.

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    no ideano idea shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
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      • Nkansah RexfordNkansah Rexford commented  · 

        What do you guys think of the idea of being able to increase RAM capacity independently from CPU, as it stands now on the resize optipns?

        I am currently in a similar situation where I don't need more storage or CPU rather more RAM.

        This RAM addition could be as little as from maybe 512 MB upwards for perhaps 1$ per month for extra 512 RAM.

        See here for related discussion https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/high-memory-droplets-no-create-option-for-the-poor-lone-devs

      • CC commented  · 

        Completely agree, I don't need much disk space or indeed RAM, but need more cores

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Bsdically this would allow users to completely customize a droplet. Users could set the amount of RAM, Drive Space, and CPU they need, and pay for exactly what they need.

      • Árni Steingrímur SigurðssonÁrni Steingrímur Sigurðsson commented  · 

        I have 2 sizes that are important to me (that are not represented in the current scheme).

        2 vCPU 16G
        8vCPU 2G

        I also think it would be fair for us to be able to aggregate bandwidth because you only have 1-2 units pumping out bits.

        Diskspace is not strictly important but 20G is a lower-bound for usefulness.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I think what i want fits here: need to try haddop on digital ocean for 2months

        i need 8GB but with very little data transfer (initial transfers - 2-3 then minimal one user starting and monitoring jobs)

        are there any more flexible plans where we can lowr the data bandwidth, hard drive?
        8GBM RAM
        2 core
        25 gb SSD
        100GB trasfer

        Be good if u put this on your road map, will allow evaluators like me some leeway.

      • Vatsal ParekhVatsal Parekh commented  · 

        would love if you can give facility to decide the resources that we want,
        current predefined packs are fantastic, but customization can help users more with individual needs

      • Hugo G. Hugo G. commented  · 

        I could then make tutorials for, say, a podcast media server i my blog and redirect viewers to D.O. so they can spin up a droplet with all the setup already done. D.O. wins, I win, my viewers win.

      • PabloPablo commented  · 

        Love the idea!

        And to take one step further, you could offer contrasting, intermediate "Expanded Storage" plans that would swap the added cores for additional HD space.

      • Chris DemwellChris Demwell commented  · 

        Thanks! I had already backed that idea. However, it doesn't address the case where I need twice as much RAM per-CPU than currently offered.

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