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Asia Region Datacenter

DigitalOcean is so popular in Hostloc.com, a famous Chinese host talking forum. So more and more Chinese buy your vps these days. Not only can new asian datacenters bring you more money, but also Chinese can get high speed experience. As the Hostloc.com' webmaster, i suggest you set up new asian datacenters like Hong Kong and Japan. Thanks!

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    AndreasAndreas shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    Alex LeeAlex Lee shared a merged idea: When your asia data center started. Client can buy its droplet and clone the existing droplet for load balancing.  ·   · 
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    completed  ·  Moisey UretskyAdminMoisey Uretsky (Head of Product, DigitalOcean) responded  · 

    Hey guys,

    We’ve launched our first POP in Asia in Singapore. We’re also actively working on establishing more peering relationships in the area as we’ve quickly learned that routing in the Asia Pacific region is a bit different than in the US or EU.

    We’ve made significant headway in bringing on more peering in the last two weeks after our launch and we’re also bringing on new connectivity providers to improve latency for customers around the region including Korea, India, China, Japan, Thailand and Australia.

    We are very excited to have extended our global footprint and we selected Singapore as a great central location for Asia that also has very business friendly logistics.



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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Fully completed? I still wait in Korea.

      • KCKC commented  · 

        Hong Kong please.

      • ryush00ryush00 commented  · 

        Koreans still have lower ping. Could you set up Korea datacenter? We want very much!!!!

      • djdjdjdjdjdj commented  · 

        latency korea from SFO1 , SGP1 same 140ms hahaha
        we need vps located in japan :) japan (35ms) like linode or vultr !!

      • MiracleMiracle commented  · 

        ping higher to LA (ISP VNPT)
        please add peer at HKIX

      • Maddie ZhanMaddie Zhan commented  · 

        traceroute from China Telecom to SGP1 node first goes to Japan then works it way to Singapore, which makes the latency very high (~300ms).

        using China Mobile network yields a much better result (~80ms)


      • Ian HeggieIan Heggie commented  · 

        For those that care ... In comparison google.com.au is min/avg/max/mdev = 39.208/54.754/146.476/32.295 ms
        for me ... so hosting in australia would still make a difference.

        My ISP (www.internode.com.au) is min/avg/max/mdev = 36.555/40.796/58.936/6.962 ms

        An Avg 29.2 ms of the time is getting to my next hop lns20.mel4.on.ii.net

      • Ian HeggieIan Heggie commented  · 

        Congradulations - I look forward to the new peering.

        At the moment san fran has a more consistant performance for me.

        I did a quick ping check from three different computers based in victoria, australia that have different internet provider setups (one aapt, one internode(iinet), one a load share between telstra and internode. I created fresh droplets in each center and then did ten pings to each, repeated three times.

        Basically san franscisco and singapore turned out to be neck and neck:

        SanFran min 185.7 avg 204.1 (best) max 222.0 (best) Mstd 8.1 (best)
        Sinapore min 111.8 (best) avg 213.0 max 228.0 Mstd 9.5

        In comparison the worst avg was:

        Amsterdam-2 min 337.5 avg 356.7, max 380.4, Mstd 10.9

        (For the curious, the max value is the average of the three max value runs, to better reflect typical maximums, the min is the min of the thre minimums because I was trying to find the shortest time it could be)

      • templetemple commented  · 

        Could you guy update the blog on the status more frequently?

        It is so high latency from China, it is not worth to use SG compare to SFO1

      • Matt FreemanMatt Freeman commented  · 

        Any possibility of peering at SGIX and is it Equinix SG? For example nearly all Thailand providers peer here (and unlike their transit these are largely uncongested), it almost critical for a SG host. Bonus points if you also sort a connection to HKIX.

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