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Allow Custom Images

Allow users to upload ISO's of Linux installations they would like to use. For instance, I was hoping to install Slackware 14; if users could upload their own ISOs you wouldn't have to keep adding distros as they wanted them.

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    Cora SykesCora Sykes shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
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    ramziramzi shared a merged idea: i like to install image from iso  ·   · 


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      • Henrik PedersenHenrik Pedersen commented  · 

        I don't care if we have to pay for the ISO storage og even the bandwidth, or a small one-time fee or something for uploads. If we could just upload ISO's it would be great.

        You are running KVM, so I would use one of my existing licenses I have for an older Windows Server, and run it on freaking 512MB RAM, just to provide TTS for our in-house callsystem, so I can shut down that old Windows server running in the corner.

      • MaXwell FalsteinMaXwell Falstein commented  · 

        Uploading an image on most people's Internet connections is going to be tough and will result in DO requiring dedicated ISP/IXP links for just the uploads of ISOs.

        There would have to be large amounts of caching between DO and the ISP/IXP because many people would be uploading large ISO files at different bandwidths or data rates.

        This is all doable, but it is not as easy as one might expect. It will take a decent amount of work from DO and ISP/IXP.

        I think support ticket based service would be a little annoying.
        Upload and go in my opinion.

        Community run ISO upload system could be interesting with approval by community for opening the ISO to the whole community.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Its a basic data center feature to have a custom ISO on a server. So i would expect such a service over a support ticket.

      • Nathan VidicanNathan Vidican commented  · 

        Currently a customer with vultr.com - wanted to try DigitalOcean (referred by a friend) - this is such a basic feature for a cloud provider I took it for granted... now I feel like I wasted $10 bothering to sign up at all :(

        Come-on ... this is 2016!

      • Tim GildersleeveTim Gildersleeve commented  · 

        I tried Vultr but didnt like their method of charging you in advance for what they guessed you were going to use, so didnt stay with them. Others wont have a problem with this I am sure.

        I have tried TransIP who also do not allow custom images but do provide more memory and discspace for less money.

      • Ted ParvuTed Parvu commented  · 

        Hear Hear! I would like to install Arch and the ISO changes every month. So, that would be an issue for your SAs.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        yes. if this feature doesn't come in next 3-4 months I am actually gonna leave digitalocean and go with vultr.com which allows custom iso to upload and install from it.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This is a rather important feature and long overdue. I've been with Digital Ocean for 3 years, but am seriously considering switching service if this does not become available soon.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        One mroe vote for custom images, I would like to run pfsense or possibly a juniper vSRX appliance.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I also like this feature, further more, not the standard slackware Linux, but some application which included Linux OS, with application, which has the scripts install from the bare VMs, and after install, all application finished installation.

      • ezzoezzo commented  · 

        To control the ISOs uploaded and avoid double upload the same image, allow users to share their images

      • Graham SmartGraham Smart commented  · 

        Really wish this was a thing. So many votes and this is been waiting for over 3 years. Yet nothing so far. The ability to import and export VM's would make DO so much more money as people moved to them!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I really need this option to boot my custom images.

      • MikeMike commented  · 

        I need to boot scrollout f1, please add it or allow to install iso images.

      • MarkMark commented  · 

        We would love to host our AppBeat monitoring agents on DigitalOcean, but we need to upload custom images :(

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Don't try ElasticHosts. We setup an account with them. Attempted to upload an ISO. Couldn't be done through their panel. And the panel has an awful UI. Needs work. Oh, and no refund even through we literally used it for less than an hour.

      • GeoffGeoff commented  · 

        Guys, don't wait around for this feature. Go sign up for Elastichosts, In some cases the support staff will even dump the ISO into your account if it's too large to push up locally. bit.ly/1JXq3SH

      • Thovhakale MurendeniThovhakale Murendeni commented  · 

        I currently use vultr mostly because of this feauture. Please vote for it

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Kindly allow that feature created account on DigitalOcean but didn't start using it right now just because there is no way i can use custom ISO. There is no benefit for me to use DigitalOcean without that feature. add custom ISO feature ASAP.

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