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Keep Arch Linux on DigitalOcean

Hi all,

I really love Arch Linux so much, but DO is trying to move that out. I hope that you guys can try to vote for the fantastic distro to keep it on DO.

The following is the letter that I just wrote to the support ticket.

I'm very surprised about the maintainability of Arch Linux. Personally, I'm a heavy user of Arch, I do love the distro. Arch Linux is a contemporary minimalist Linux distribution. It provides a very clean, lightweight distribution of the Linux operating system.

While I was trying to launch another Arch server on DO, I was astonished about the announcement.

We are deprecating Arch Linux as one of the standard base distributions. We haven't seen a large up take in the number of customers that have installed Arch and given the distro's rolling updates the maintenance work that it requires currently on our side does not allow us to stay up to date.

Please, please don't take out my favorite distro from DO. The Arch community is very strong and powerful, you can ask anyone for help, even I can try to help you guys to maintain the Arch kernel for DO. I'm very sad to hear that you want to move the distro out.

Maybe I'll consider to move to Linode seriously if you really do so. :(


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    Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    Alexander NestorovAlexander Nestorov shared a merged idea: Arch upgrade  ·   · 
    Anonymous shared a merged idea: Please provide sit module (IPv6 in IPv4) for all Arch Linux kernels !  ·   · 
    Anonymous shared a merged idea: Upgrade to Arch Linux 2013.09.01 release to avoid manual intervention upgrade  ·   · 
    szsz shared a merged idea: keep up on arch releases  ·   · 
    Timo DerstappenTimo Derstappen shared a merged idea: Add Arch Linux in Amsterdam  ·   · 
    BodieBodie shared a merged idea: Add Arch Linux LTS image or support kernel upgrades.  ·   · 


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      • SeanSean commented  · 

        I'd love to have Arch back on DO. I was lucky enough to be able to build an Arch droplet right before support for creating new Arch droplets was deprecated. I'm able to spin up new Arch droplets based on that snapshot I have saved, but I've lost the ability to keep my kernel updated. There'll come a day when I won't be able to spin up a new droplet and update the system to current. This workaround is hacksy and while it works right now, I would love to have Arch support re-instated. It's a fast, smooth, lightweight (as you make it) distro with a ton of recently updated packages available.

      • Joe EavesJoe Eaves commented  · 

        Arch is my go-to. I'm upvoting this ticket and also the ticket to allow custom ISOs, to allow me to use Arch. Please?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Arch Linux would be my first choice to install. I can deal with debian or ubuntu, but I'd prefer to have a distro I actually like to use.

      • Matthew SittonMatthew Sitton commented  · 

        Same as others arch linux was the reason i signed up for digital ocean in the first place.
        I have started migrating over to linode.

      • The Digital OrchardThe Digital Orchard commented  · 

        With the diverse range of Linux distros available, is Arch Linux really that unique? We all establish our preferences, but I've found that we are also very adaptable creatures, and learning to adapt to other platforms and approaches can be hugely beneficial. It helps us to grow instead of staying inside of our comfort zone.

      • Karl TremainKarl Tremain commented  · 

        All, Can I suggest you take a look at linode.com instead, as they offer arch, and it is a lot more up to date than the DO build was. I've just opened an account there, and tested their support, which is just as quick to reply to tickets as DO is.

      • Vipin.K.NarayananVipin.K.Narayanan commented  · 

        Today i created my first DO account just to find that there is no Arch Linux Option , availability of Arch Linux is one of the reason i choose DO, DO you are loosing one more potential customer , please bring back Arch.

      • Michiel HelvensteijnMichiel Helvensteijn commented  · 

        When I expressed my disappointment about this decision to a DO representative (support ticket), they sent me here. So at least they're aware of this page. Needless to say, I fully agree that Arch should come back.

        DigitalOcean: You can't advertise as a geek-friendly company and then take away their favorite toys. :-)

      • Karl TremainKarl Tremain commented  · 

        700+ votes, and no update from DO staff AT ALL. And now they go and delete the image entirely.

        Surely thats proof that users want the image, and DO dont really care what they want or not...

      • FordFord commented  · 

        the Arch Linux was removed :(

      • Ahmet YeşilAhmet Yeşil commented  · 

        I have recently signed up, I was expecting to use Arch, please support it again...

      • Dave HelgertDave Helgert commented  · 

        As a current DO customer I would like to see Arch stay as an available choice. I had not used it yet but planned to soon.

      • JJ commented  · 

        DO keep Archlinux on DO!

      • Igor OsipovIgor Osipov commented  · 

        OD's $5 512Mb RAM plan and ArchLinux are a perfect match!
        You can squeeze the most profit from your tight VPS only with such a lightweight yet full powered distro.

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