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Invoices with correct attributes attributes like firm name, firm address and VAT number

Invoices must have correct attributes attributes like Firm name, Firm address and VAT number. Currently no one European goverment Tax/revenue department will accept invoices without these attributes.
Dates also can be set to be displayed in EU format DD/MM/YYYY

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    Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    planned  ·  Moisey UretskyAdminMoisey Uretsky (Head of Product, DigitalOcean) responded  · 

    We’ve had a lot of requests for this and you can add any information you like to appear on the invoice by updating your contact information on the settings page we need to provide a better way to message that.

    Of those customers that have used the contact information to update your billing information that’s displayed, was that an acceptable alternative?



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      • GiovanniGiovanni commented  · 

        As far as I'm concerned, I just need to have all DO details on the invoice. That means your company full name (eg. Digital Ocean LLC), your full address, and an ID that identifies your company within your fiscal system (it could be EIN, Fiscal ID, Tax ID, or other). There's no need to have a VAT no (especially because you don't have one) but those basic details are necessary for a proper invoice.

      • DanielDaniel commented  · 

        Companies outside the EU are not eligible for EU TAX rules. You should receive an invoice without tax from DO. Your local tax office can tell you how to handle on this. In most cases you need to add the VAT to your tax declaration yourself. For companies this means they do not have to pay anything. For private persons this means they need to pay the VAT to the local tax office. (Please ask your local tax office as the details are not the same in all EU countries)

        Therefor DO has no need to provide an (EU) VAT number on the invoices.

        The problem with invoices telling something else then your bank accounts states can be solved by booking it as transfer between accounts. See the credit as another bank account of yours, instead of a purchase wherefore you would require an invoice.

      • HenrikHenrik commented  · 

        Date formats in EU is rather more common in ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Date_and_time_representation_by_country#ISO_8601

        What I do need is both your VAT numbers and my own, and I should not need to add them myself through my own settings (I even believe there are laws prohibiting this in Sweden, modifying invoices stated to me).

        At this point I can't treat your "Invoice" as an invoice, but merely as a statement of my current usage.

        This is even more evident if you see this issue:

      • Marin CokarićMarin Cokarić commented  · 

        I have a company account and personal account. I am in EU, country Croatia.

        I edited all contact info on company account, according to my accounting its acceptable but its not professional from DO to not have proper document formatting.

        DO should implement this.

        Best regards,
        Marin Cokarić

      • Pedro SousaPedro Sousa commented  · 

        We need invoices with VAT number in the EU. Thanks!

      • RAyRAy commented  · 

        yes please!

      • MilanMilan commented  · 

        Really need for this! Here in the Netherlands (and in the rest of the EU I think), as company, we need invoices with VAT number. Isn't a very big deal to integrate this I think, and then all EU companies can use the awesome service of DO.

      • Christian OttersteinChristian Otterstein commented  · 

        +3 from me. I'm surprised that a 50 million $ company doesn't send out real invoices (!), as this is essential for every business user. Here in the EU it's a killer argument AGAINST digitalocean, as we simply need proper invoices. Germany's Department of Finance will not accept digital ocean's invoices. Simply adding a user's company name, street adress, tax details etc. would make you extremely attractive for business clients (like me).

      • PRCPRC commented  · 

        Yes, iTAX/VAT invoice is good idea - who have firm in EU, they know that... :-(

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I agree, we need proper invoicing, so we can place these invoices in our accounting strategy. For me the amount is not that big yet to be a problem. But I can imagine that it is for others here in Europa.

      • Joni KähäräJoni Kähärä commented  · 

        Any hope of getting this implemented? It would make it a lot easier for the business users in the EU area to use DigitalOcean services.

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