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Make sure we can keep an IP if we recreate a droplet.

When destroying a droplet there's a 99% chance that you will get your IP back. If someone creates a droplet while destroying/creating a new one and steals your IP, it's a pain, even if the chances are <1%.

This 1% is too much for some. An IP is an important number, your server might not be able to send emails if the last IP's user was sending spam through it.

Software licenses are also tied to IP sometimes.

When I want to rebuild a server (or resize: disk size) I want to make sure that I get my IP back.

Please figure out a way so that we don't lose our IP (100% guaranteed) when we destroy/recreate a droplet.

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    Dries Van DammeDries Van Damme shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • JanJan commented  · 

        +3 this is absolutely necessary.

      • Ryan CarrRyan Carr commented  · 

        As Wayne Hartman has mentioned. So this

      • StefanStefan commented  · 

        I'll go a bit further with this... It would be nice to be able to use our own IPs as well (registered with RIPE)

      • MiracleMiracle commented  · 

        Agree, I will pay money for reserve ip.

      • SaschaSascha commented  · 

        I also just can agree. We are very satisfied with the whole service so we are planning to expand our plan and droplet size. But we already registered some licenses which are tied up with the IP. (Our Teamspeak License as example).

        It really would be very unfortunate if problems occur there.

      • Gustavo MouraGustavo Moura commented  · 

        I don't know if keep the same after destroy ( you destroy for something xd )

        I will be glad to pay more for reserve ip like in an external module, like DNS module, the capability to reserve an IP would be nice

        at least reserve an already in use ip from our drops

      • Alex KinneeAlex Kinnee commented  · 

        I was really disappointed to hear that if I wanted to enable automated backups I would have to take a snapshot, then destroy the droplet and created a new one using the snapshot.

        This wouldn't be that big of a deal if I was guaranteed to keep the same IP, but that is not the case.

      • Shawn WhitakerShawn Whitaker commented  · 

        We currently have over 25 droplets and are starting to work with the API so we can destroy and create automatically and making sure the keep the same IP is critical. When will we get 100% the guarantee?

      • Lewis StancerLewis Stancer commented  · 

        Agreed, this is an important feature especially in a potential business environment where downtime is money +1

      • Filip OščádalFilip Oščádal commented  · 

        for those who need quick fix - use CloudFlare DNS and API, you can manage and correctly set A records in seconds (and it works in seconds)

      • ChrisChris commented  · 

        This is something that needs to be implemented +1

      • HeihachiHeihachi commented  · 

        It's very important thing +1

      • SalvatoreSalvatore commented  · 

        Nice one, and @Morthawt's idea on implementing a solution sounds great

      • Gennady KostrovGennady Kostrov commented  · 

        +1;It is not a game - if resizing production due to lack of disk space only -it is 100% SHOULD GIVE SAME IP. Cannot risk with 3 days when DNS updates if IP is not reserved!!!!

      • Sean KennedySean Kennedy commented  · 

        +1; Would be nice if there was a period of time for you to recreate the droplet with the same ip.

      • Justin KellerJustin Keller commented  · 

        +1, need to ensure we keep ips. Willing to pay.

      • Jonathan TohJonathan Toh commented  · 

        A simple Solution if you have sufficient IP. For each hour of IP address not used, Charge them more than the instance itself. Like Amazon. For those having issues with Propagation, use amazon Route 53, it would take effect almost <1min. Compared to rackspace , almost 24 hours.

        All the best.

      • MorthawtMorthawt commented  · 

        To solve this problem and avoid abuse at the same time, they should implement a system whereby if you have had a droplet that has been paid up for at least 1 month, that IP address will be reserved for a maximum of 2 hours after it's droplet has been deleted. That way, the IP address, once being paid for 1 month, will be reserved only for that customer assuming they create a new droplet after deleting the one it is attached to within 2 hours.

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