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Reserve IP Addresses / Make sure we can keep an IP if we recreate a droplet.

When destroying a droplet there's a 99% chance that you will get your IP back. If someone creates a droplet while destroying/creating a new one and steals your IP, it's a pain, even if the chances are <1%.

This 1% is too much for some. An IP is an important number, your server might not be able to send emails if the last IP's user was sending spam through it.

Software licenses are also tied to IP sometimes.

When I want to rebuild a server (or resize: disk size) I want to make sure that I get my IP back.

Please figure out a way so that we don't lose our IP (100% guaranteed) when we destroy/recreate a droplet.

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    Dries Van DammeDries Van Damme shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    Chris McMackenChris McMacken shared a merged idea: Add the ability to swap reserved IPs on droplets  ·   · 
    Anonymous shared a merged idea: Choose if you want to use the same IP when destroying and creating a droplet  ·   · 
    Adam BrownAdam Brown shared a merged idea: Let users have more control over their IP address needs during droplet creation  ·   · 
    StanStan shared a merged idea: Let users choose the IP address manually or from a stack of IPs  ·   · 


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      • Arkar WINN MINN HTWEArkar WINN MINN HTWE commented  · 

        +3 for this. This is quite critical since we all are working with "Servers" where IPs are fundamentally essential components! They need to be able to be RESERVED!


      • ArturoArturo commented  · 

        +3 for this one...

      • martinmartin commented  · 

        +3 Everytime I destroy my droplet and create a new one right away, I never get the same ip. Even if give it the same namespace. I don't know what I am doing wrong but reserving my ip would bring me peace of mind

      • David ReaganDavid Reagan commented  · 

        Also, let us reserve our private ip's. I use iptables to whitelist what private ip addresses are not blocked, so if something happens and I have to rebuild the vm from scratch, I really need to be able to have the same ip addresses. Otherwise I'd have to up date all my other droplets at the same time.

      • Thomas MeadowsThomas Meadows commented  · 

        i'm sure people would pay a nominal fee to secure a permanent IP address. This is a revenue generator, It should be top priority.

      • RayRay commented  · 

        +1 I use remote services that require my droplets IP address is manually whitelisted. I would like to be able to migrate from one droplet (OS) to another without needing to whitelist additional IP's and keep the original droplet online throughout the migration.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Probably should just make a ip market, where you can reserve IP and pay for them event if you don't use it!

      • tirakarntirakarn commented  · 

        Have been waiting for months.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I have 600+ sites I want to migrate to DO. This is the only thing keeping me from doing it. I want to have a load balancer that all my sites point to, but that is very risky since I may not get the same IP if it becomes necessary to re-provision the load balancer.

      • Ahmed HassanAhmed Hassan commented  · 

        The best way is able to get IPs and assign them to the droplets we want. If we have an IP and do not use, charge for that so that no one will hold an IP without assigning to a droplet. In this way we can be sure that our IP remains in our account until we release them :)

      • TommyTommy commented  · 

        any update or ETA ?

      • MattMatt commented  · 

        Would it be possible to get an update/ETA on this?
        We got stung by this very issue tonight while resizing a droplet to the next size up, due to having to perform the droplet resize work-around; once back after a ~47minute snapshot (~53minutes for one previous a few days prior) and a 25minute create, amounting to well over an hour downtime for a production site just for a change in server capacity which is supposed to take...far less time according to the fast resize option... Ok, so fair enough, we have a 60GB disk at ~50% capacity, so that's gotta take some time, just no way around that, Ok, I can deal with that, that's just the way things are...but then we get back up and we've lost our IP and are facing more downtime still while DNS propagates... ok stuff happens, you guys are still ramping up features working out kinks and putting together the best service you can for your customers based on the needs they have, and putting together an otherwise really fine service too I must say, we're otherwise really happy with everything you guys are doing and understand there are hiccups along the way, but we're now on the edge of having to move elsewhere for business risk reasons due to this occurring as we have investors to answer to - I understand things sometimes don't work perfectly, but please allow us a safety net for when they don't, the occurrence of an "unfortunate series of events" so to speak of a few things not-going-quite-right can really ruin someone's day. Please help us stay with you guys, we love what you're building, but no doubt you understand what the "beancounters" can be like.

      • CKCK commented  · 

        +1 on this. Especially since at the moment the only way to add disk space to your server is to (re)create. Not having this feature is actually stopping us from upgrading servers with DO (and therefore spending more money with them).

      • Alex PotterAlex Potter commented  · 

        Is there any news on this? Given the current DNS propagation issues this would be an extemely useful addition to the service.

      • Gustavo MouraGustavo Moura commented  · 

        At least if you keep that ip reserved until we launch a new droplet, don't need to last forever but as Dries says, have a peace in mind that we will get that particular IP again

        Have notice that when I launch a new droplet I get my ip back and that is awesome... but what if I don't? :'c

        Thanks for the efforts!

      • MorthawtMorthawt commented  · 

        Thank you! This worried me when I made a new droplet. Some things like TeamSpeak NPL licences are locked to IP and it can take a very long time to get in contact to swap licenses around.

        What you could do is provide a mandatory choice at deletion time where we select if we wish to keep the IP of the droplet and inform us it will be reserved for X days. Then when we create a new droplet, if there are unused reserved IP's on our account we can choose which IP to assign to the new droplet during the creation or a second step after it.

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