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Bitcoin Payment Method

Bitcoin is a Peer to Peer digital currency with worldwide implications. Its value is changing rapidly just like oil did during its early days of adoption.

That aside, it is a new technology and is beginning to be widely used. One of the largest internet company's in China started accepting them, WordPress accepts them and many more are starting to accept them every day.

I don't want to see Digital Ocean lose out on this technology.

I suggest you take a good hard look in the adoption of this new payment system.

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    Travis R ClarkTravis R Clark shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    Anonymous shared a merged idea: add dogecoin as a payment method!  ·   · 
    Anthony MartinezAnthony Martinez shared a merged idea: Accept Bitcoin for payment.  ·   · 
    Manthan M.Manthan M. shared a merged idea: Accept bitcoin. (Very Simple With Coinbase)  ·   · 


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      • Zano TuZano Tu commented  · 

        Do you not have enough votes for this ?

      • Philip MicklonPhilip Micklon commented  · 

        Accepting bitcoin is a no-brainer.

        BiPay now offers a 0% "Free, Unlimited, Forever" plan where you can convert to USD with 0 cost. Bill $10 and receive $10.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        YES. Bitcoin will lead to a better future. Bitcoin is such a widely liked system. Its one way payment system makes it better for sellers. Bitcoins are also good for people like me. I am 14. I can't have paypal or a debit card. So when I set up a a site I use a bitcoin advert payer. Then i pay stupid prices for a bitcoin VPS. But I wouldnt here if it was accepted

      • JohnJohn commented  · 

        This would only increase the use of DO servers for illegal activities like spamming.

      • John VillarJohn Villar commented  · 

        Bitcoin is one of the current valid ways that we, developers stranded on a foreign exchange starved nation, rely on to pay for goods and services. I'm currently in a position that makes it near impossible to pay with any fiat currency (USD, EUR, etc) because the government has a tight control over the cash flow.

        Letting developers pay with Bitcoin would empower us and make us more independent. Besides, there are already people reselling DO instances with Bitcoin (with markups as high as 30% over DO standard prices).

      • Kenmore ChalfantKenmore Chalfant commented  · 

        BitCoin is new, strange and not necessary. I think supporting BitCoins is a waste of a time.

      • Zach DotyZach Doty commented  · 

        NewEgg started taking bitcoin today.... its the 'geeky' thing to do :)

        Besides, its great PR.

        Bitcoin is the hot-topic in the press these days!

      • Zach DotyZach Doty commented  · 

        I'm a huge bitcoin enthusiast.

        All thing being equal, I'll go with the business that takes bitcoin.

        Many things not being equal I still usually go with the business that takes bitcoin.

        It takes less than 10 minutes for a good dev to integrate bitcoin payments with DO.

      • Kenn EjimaKenn Ejima commented  · 

        -1 no no no no no no no no

        Don't waste your time to support Bitcoin.

        It's not just about yet another payment channel, but it's more about community - I won't rent or buy real estates in section 8 condos or in neighborhoods where deadbeat homeowners waiting to be foreclosed live.

        Please, maintain the vibrant community by not accepting sketchy people. It sounds to me a guaranteed way to get a deteriorated community.

      • Yoni JahYoni Jah commented  · 

        +1 to that.
        I'm considering using @Scott Robertson solution but I rather not use a 3rd party
        to manage my account.

      • STLcoin GroupSTLcoin Group commented  · 

        it is a no brainer, use bitpay.com or coinbase.com... Personally better off holding as much as you can will go up overall with dips along the way. Enjoy the ride

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I would love to be able to pay with bitcoins

      • EstebanEsteban commented  · 

        Please add this feature!

      • William SutantoWilliam Sutanto commented  · 

        You will get ton of free advertising for just adding bitcoin as your payment system. Please take a look at bitpay.com. You don't need to hold the bitcoin if you are not confident with the value. For every payment you will get dollar into your bank account.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        One can treat BitCoin (And LiteCoin etc) as cache paper money. One don't ask peopel where their money came from at the grocery stores.
        Paper money is worth only paer it is printed on as Coins are maid from metal Digital coins of Bits and Bytes.
        Every form of currency have value on the exchange market for goods and services.
        Since Digital Coins (BitCoin, LiteCoin XyCoin) are exchangable for Paper money, they can be used for payments and then changed into Paper money Bank account.
        Funny thing is BitCoins are MORE real then your bank account,
        Because Banks just put a number in their computer and call that - account. Banks never have enough cache for all their accounts or no cache at all.. (so Banks deal with Virtual money and with contracts).
        BitCoin,LiteCoin etc, are MORE real then money in the Bank (!),
        since you handle them like Cache, on YOUR computer and wallet and not in the Bank, where in Bank accounts, you get only "number" in return...

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        i 100% want to buy server also if u took BTC lol..

      • PatrickPatrick commented  · 

        @DigitalOcean i understand you try to keep bitcoin out to have less abuse in your system.

        How about this: Let customers that have been paying for more than 12 months via CC or PayPal also pay via Bitcoin. This way you will still know who they are and can also offer bitcoin.

        I would love to pay via bitcoin instead of PayPal and fully understand that you want to minimize the work you have with system abuse. But please think about letting long time customers pay this way.

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