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Bitcoin Payment Method

Bitcoin is a Peer to Peer digital currency with worldwide implications. Its value is changing rapidly just like oil did during its early days of adoption.

That aside, it is a new technology and is beginning to be widely used. One of the largest internet company's in China started accepting them, WordPress accepts them and many more are starting to accept them every day.

I don't want to see Digital Ocean lose out on this technology.

I suggest you take a good hard look in the adoption of this new payment system.

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    Travis R ClarkTravis R Clark shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    Anonymous shared a merged idea: add dogecoin as a payment method!  ·   · 
    Anthony MartinezAnthony Martinez shared a merged idea: Accept Bitcoin for payment.  ·   · 
    Manthan M.Manthan M. shared a merged idea: Accept bitcoin. (Very Simple With Coinbase)  ·   · 


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      • LucasLucas commented  · 

        YES! PLEASE! I'd happily pay for larger droplets if I am able to use bitcoin! And I would pay less taxes and Digital ocean too! is a win/win solution! Please add it ASAP! <3

      • Logan KoesterLogan Koester commented  · 

        I use another cloud service primarily, but have started experimenting with Digital Ocean and am very impressed so far.

        I may start switching some of my business over to DO as the advantages seem to keep stacking up. There is still some inertia to overcome before justifying such a decision, and Bitcoin support might just push me over the edge.

      • MickeyMickey commented  · 

        I have a lot of bitcoins, I would like to be able to spend them to support my bitcoin business on hardware bought with bitcoins!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        As a long time DO customer, I would love the option to pay in Bitcoin.

      • Bob JohnstonBob Johnston commented  · 

        If you don't want to deal with bitcoin per say just use BitPay, you can set it up in about five minutes and just collect the fiat of your choice.

      • Yoni JahYoni Jah commented  · 

        I decided not to wait any more
        https://www.vultr.com/ support bitcoin payment.
        af they are cheaper ( I'm just now trying to figure with their customer support why do I have to pay to start my free trial )

      • FreddieFreddie commented  · 

        Still waiting for this !

      • Francis BrunelleFrancis Brunelle commented  · 

        I would very much prefer to pay for servers in Bitcoin.

      • rambulrambul commented  · 

        I paid with bitcoin for services and don't want to use anything else.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I would definitely prefer paying with Bitcoin and suggest following through with this asap please!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I am a developer in a huge company.I am in charge of our cloud code. Since I really love your cloud I always wanted to work with you guys but my mangers always wanted me to enable our product to work with enterprise cloud providers (ec2, hpcs, azure...).
        I give you my word: if you will accept bitcoin as a payment our product will use digital ocean!
        I will go to the moon and back to convince my managers to work with you.
        I reallc hope you scale because if you will accept bitcoin you are going to get an enterprise acount deal.

      • William SutantoWilliam Sutanto commented  · 

        I will definitely pay my bills with Bitcoin. Namecheap accepting bitcoin since a year ago and I pay all my domain bill with Bitcoin since then.

        Credit card and paypal are not easy for 3rd world countries, even for corporates.

        Thousands of bitcoin startup was built this year. and tens of thousands more will be built next year. They all need servers to host their projects. And their first choice would be a hosting provider who accepting bitcoin. I quote one of comment from Shawn, "Don't do it to be cool, do it for the money."

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I suggest you DO it now.

      • chrischris commented  · 

        I'd really like to this technology come to DO!

      • Manthan M.Manthan M. commented  · 

        Looks like the status has been changed. Hopefully this is implemented!

      • derrendderrend commented  · 

        With the current state of the global financial system and it's blatant abuse of trust over the last 100 years it really is quite amazing/bizarre that a technology company such as digitalocean still have not implemented the use of decentralised democratic currencies opting for infinitely printable worthless paper coupons instead ($) :p ???

      • SamSam commented  · 

        I'm a DigitalOcean user and I would love to pay with Bitcoin. Much better than insecure credit cards.

      • Katie DotyKatie Doty commented  · 

        I will ONLY use DO if they start accepting bitcoin.

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