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Make resizing your Droplet also resize your HDD space

Right now resizing your Droplet will leave your HDD space as it is. Make it scale with the RAM when you resize - otherwise we are paying for more than we are getting.

Also, resizing your Droplet does not always mean that we need more RAM, it could be just disk space, so please make it behave in this manner (ACTUALLY resizing to the next plan on ALL of the specs).

Thank you for being awesome!

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    Oliver NordbjergOliver Nordbjerg shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    Anonymous shared a merged idea: Fast Resize with ssd upgrades too  ·   · 
    Anonymous shared a merged idea: Didn't upgrade hard drive size when upgrading?  ·   · 
    DonovanDonovan shared a merged idea: An interface for increase disk space of a droplet.  ·   · 


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      • Nathan LenkowskiNathan Lenkowski commented  · 

        Thanks for listening, its awesome to see this implemented!

      • Mark FergusonMark Ferguson commented  · 

        Hmmm....this isn't what I was asking for. There are cases (e.g. - a database server) that requires a resize due to running low on disk space but doesn't need additional memory or CPU to support. I'm now running on a quad processor droplet because I had to have more disk space and not because I needed additional CPUs or memory.

        I'd like an option to only increase disk space for a droplet. While I appreciate the new flexibility delivered it still doesn't address my particular need and dramatically increases my costs; not because of the additional CPUs and memory but because of disk space. Disk space being the least expensive operationally than the other two variables.

      • WesWes commented  · 

        Any update please?

      • Claudio Luiz FerreiraClaudio Luiz Ferreira commented  · 

        This feature is definetly going to make things easier. Any idea when it will be available? Thanks

      • David Marques NevesDavid Marques Neves commented  · 

        I have 2 upgraded droplets with -10GB each.
        I will have the possibility to resize my VDD now?

      • Nathan LenkowskiNathan Lenkowski commented  · 

        I just filed a support ticket with Digital Ocean regarding the inability to quickly resize disk space and the lack of guarantee that the droplet's IP address will be maintained during the snapshot/destroy/create process. Here's the reply, for those interested:

        "At this time this is the method we have and currently we do not have any ETA on when this might change. I will say that we do realize this is not optimal and are looking into alternatives, I just do not have any details or specifics at this time."

        Also, I think @Alex Dicianu's idea of having two resize options (one for cpu/ram, another for cpu/ram/disk) is an excellent idea. As an alternative, perhaps adding a "Resize disk space" checkbox to the FastResize options, with the understanding that ticking it it will take the resize operation considerably longer that adjusting just the cpu/ram.

      • AdershAdersh commented  · 

        Would be great..

      • Nathan LenkowskiNathan Lenkowski commented  · 

        I just discovered this recently and couldn't believe it! Its a real hassle to have to spin up a new droplet from an image and then pray you get your IP back, especially if a site is in production and needs more disk space quickly. I'd say this should be at the top of the list!

        Increasing a droplets size is more expensive, however due to this issue we're not receiving all of the benefits of the size increase! We're paying $20/mo after upgrading from a 512mb droplet to a 2gb droplet, but we're still getting 20gb of storage instead of the promised 40gb!

      • MattMatt commented  · 

        This seems important!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This comes from their Knowledge Base;
        "DigitalOcean allows on the fly scaling—a task that is much more difficult on a dedicated box. Changing the amount of RAM on a box can be done with a simple reboot, while expanding the disk size takes less than an hour. The same process can take hours or days with a dedicated setup."
        "Expanding the disk size takes less than an hour" -- So it's possible? Or are they just making things up here?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Wait... this doesn't happen automatically? That's just ridiculous... So there's really no way of resizing your storage when you upgrade?
        Damn... that's a real shortcoming.

      • ChrisChris commented  · 

        I would like to see this option so that we could expand or contract as needed. I typically oversize a machine for performance and once tuned in, I want to reduce the size (cost).

        Some kind of simple calculation: If the disk space is not at or above the maximum threshhold by +10 or 20%, then I should be able to reduce size from B to A (16 to 8 gb) and disk from 160 - 80gb, etc...

      • Evandro CamargoEvandro Camargo commented  · 

        Or, at least, a quicker measure to remediate that would be to charge a little fraction less for a resize without HDD improvement (in such a way resizing with same HDD space would be fair, since you'd pay only for the RAM and CPU and not all three w/o benefiting from the space bonus.).

      • Felix WongFelix Wong commented  · 

        +1 i would have upgraded my droplet if the hard drive space was also resized, but once i noticed that it wasn't, i didn't (i would agree with the other that some of us want a bigger hdd, with an added bonus of more cpu/ram)

      • boboman13boboman13 commented  · 

        If this is possible, this idea is great - the system is minorly flawed with the inability to resize disk space, especially when thats what you need most.

        Though I've never run across this problem, I'm sure someone has, and I feel that eventually I will too.

      • Zachary DuBoisZachary DuBois commented  · 

        All I know is this should definitely be added in. It would be more difficult to take a snapshot/backup and deploy a new from it. Especially when basically all my configs are edited.

      • Chris HillChris Hill commented  · 

        Yes I agree, never understood the ideology behind such a system since it seems I will always simply create a new droplet and upload a snapshot. Much less convenient but is needed if you ever plan to use all of the storage. I'd say this is second to showing RAM usage in the graphs page. Thank you for taking this into consideration.

      • Alex DicianuAlex Dicianu commented  · 

        Maybe having an option there would be a better option, something like:
        * resize only the cpu and ram memory - for a fast upsize.
        * resize the cpu, ram and the disk - for a complete upsize.

        I would prefer having the second option available, as the process of destroying the droplet and recreating it from a snapshot makes me nervous ...

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